Glue Origin and Inventors

History of glues is filled with interesting events and moments in time when sudden advances in chemistry and technology enabled development of new glues that played important role in creation of many modern tools and objects. Read more about glue origin here.

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History of Adhesives

Development of modern human civilization will have much different course if we did not came in contact with first glue recipes so many thousands of years ago. Here you can get informed about journey of adhesives through our history.

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History of Animal Glue

The most important type of glue that enabled our ancestors to develop new tools and techniques for advancing our civilizations are animal glues. Here you can read about how they were used and developed through last four thousand years of our history.

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History of Natural Glue

Glues made from natural rubber are not largely represented in today’s market, but their presence has enabled many new applications not only for permanent gluing of objects, but also great ability to stick and unstick objects without any residue.

Picture Of Tube Of Super Glue

History of Super Glue

From the moment first super glue appeared on the market in the late 1950s, history of making glue and our interactions with them were significantly impacted. Here you can find out how superglues are made in modern factories.

Picture Of Harry Coover Invetor Of Glue

Harry Coover

Harry Coover Jr changed the history of glue by managing to be the first chemist to find the procedure of creating cyanoacrylates – extremely-strong and super-fast variant of synthetic adhesives that are today known as super glues.

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